Friday, February 4, 2011

Marvel vs. Capcom 3

An entire decade has passed, but Marvel vs. Capcom is finally returning to game consoles, bringing along with it some of the most over-the-top crossover fighting around.

I like to think that I've managed to suppress the more extreme elements of my geeky nature. I don't write crossover fan fiction. I've not had the urge to dress up as a superhero since I was at primary school. But then I see a game where comic book heroes fight the heroes of the gaming world and it all comes flooding back; the need to know who would win in a fight, Iron Man or DMC's Dante... Next thing I know every base geek impulse is tingling, those long lost pleasures stimulated back into life by joyous cartoon sprites crashing into each other's universe and walloping the pixels out of each other. And now MvC is back.

The title is looking to reinstate itself as the giant of fighting games. Some of Capcom's greatest heros and villians pitted against Marvel's in a fight to the death - could it get any better? With an improved storyline, new characters and comic book-esque style graphics it is sure to be a huge hit amongst gamers. That and the new explosive, over-the-top style promises to light up your screen with hyper action and a mass spectrum of colour that would symaltainiously hurt your eyes and make you smile like a paedophile in a playground.

Is it truly a timeless classic? With a release date of 15th Feb we'll soon find out!

Verdict: Buy It!


Zoe! said...

I'm so excited for MVC3!

Kisielek said...

This is going to be fun. Also I love the graphics eaven if it's not a real in game graphics trailer.

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