Monday, February 28, 2011

Button Remapping for the Disabled Gamer

Chuck Bittner, A.K.A. AskACapper, is a disabled gamer and comedian. He started an online petition to get video game developers to offer custom button remapping in their video games so he and other gamers like him can enjoy them.

He is a quadriplegic comedian, in a wheel chair, and due to his condition, he has no control over his fingers. Therefore, in order to play a video game he must use his face to control not only the joysticks, but the buttons as well. Due to his disability, many games are unplayable with the current button layouts.

Remapping is the ability to move button assignments on a controller to any button of the gamer's choice. Even though many games come with multiple preset control layouts, this may not be enough in the case of gamers like Chuck. Full custom remapping is necessary in order to cater for disabled gamers. No longer should they need to choose from a group of preset layouts when in essence they could be able to choose whatever suits them best.

If you haven't done so already please support this great, and often overlooked, cause by signing the petition and following the Facebook Page!


Zakk said...

That would be cool if developers did this. I'm just showing my support.

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