Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Killzone 3

The follow up to one of PlayStation 3's most thrilling and best-looking games takes players to a frozen arctic world to continue the fight against Helghan forces. Killzone 3 will also be one of the first games for the PS3 built from the ground up in 3D.

The visuals of Killzone 3 really bring the feeling of war in a way that few games do. The incredible explosions and over-the-top chaotic battlefields launch Killzone right amongst the best FPS games on the platform. The bad-ass gameplay is authentically explored throughout the urban, jungle, and snow environments. Exploding chunks of concrete contrast with the frozen Helghan coast, and before you know it, the Helghan jungle smacks into view - and you're stuffed in claustrophobic growth with bulging, glowing pinks and reds pushing out of foliage The game genuinely places you in a wide array of situations that keep it from feeling stale or repetitive.

Like the previous games Guerilla succeeded in totally immersing the player in the game. As you reload your character examines his weapon and as you scale a ladder the camera moves with the character. However, while the game may look and feel great, it seems to be let down by a slightly boring narrative. The true emotions of the characters are never really conveyed as they engage with their adversarys. Killzone 3 jumps around in time regularly, constructing a narrative that gives a good reason to explore different parts of the home-world, but it's not alluring. It seems as though the writers were just trying to create a story around previously designed levels.

Verdict: Buy It!
(storyline aside this truly will be an amazing game)


Zoe! said...

I'm excited for this :)

Obi-wan Mikenobi said...

Halo > Killzone

B0R3D entertainment said...

@Obi-wan Mikenobi

Gears of War > Halo > Killzone but all 3 = brilliant!

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