Thursday, March 17, 2011


Set in a 2027, Korean occupied United States, Homefront truly has a unique approach to the FPS genre of video games...

A new expansionist leadership in a united Korean Republic strikes a United States weakened by gas shortages leaving only small remnants of the US military in its wake... I'll admit that war on American soil isn't a foreign concept for first-person shooters, however, few depict the land with the same desperate and barbarous atmosphere.

The immersible storyline was slightly tinted with an unpleasant surprise when things wrap up so abruptly around the five-hour mark. That may not seem terribly short by modern-shooter campaign standards, but what makes it worse is not that you are left wanting more, but that you are left expecting more. By spending a lot of time on quality exhibition early on, Homefront's campaign sets itself up for a long story arc, but it doesn't deliver.

The meat of Homefront, however, is definitely the mutli-player. Think Modern Warfare meets Bad Company 2; high octane battles mixed in with large maps and more vehicles than you than you could shake a stick at... It's a game that has all the features that make an FPS popular yet it doesn't seem to be afraid to throw its own additions into the mix and it is this formula that makes Homefront a worthwhile contender on the battleground.

Verdict: Buy It!


FishSama said...

This trailer probably changed my mind about Homefront now.

B0R3D entertainment said...

@FishSama haha thats exactly what I thought when I saw it!

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