Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Find Makarov

Last week's mysterious countdown on has finally ended with what looks like a Call of Duty movie trailer.

The week-long viral countdown on the site led to speculation that Activision was about to announce COD: Modern Warfare 3. While it may have seemed like a good guess, it was subsequently shot down by a company spokesperson. The countdown has just ended and the site now redirects to the trailer above for what looks like a Modern Warfare movie.

Not much is known about the video and if you try to contact the makers for more information they simply reply with something along the lines of "can't reveal too much at this point in time."

What we do know is that Find Makarov was scripted by We Can Pretend design director Patrick Lo and produced by David Fradkin. The company self-funded the project to demonstrate how the Modern Warfare brand can be expanded to film (and to no doubt make a name for the marketing firm). Mission accomplished. The Makarov trailer looks very impressive and here's hoping we end up seeing more.


Zakk said...

love it.

Virellum said...

not too interested tbh. CoD lost all my support at MW2.

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