Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Crysis 2

The original, released in late 2007, was such an ahead-of-its time powerhouse that PC gamers still struggle to run its graphics engine on the game’s highest detail settings...

...and now we have number 2! Yeah, thats right, Crysis 2! The original Crysis is still a serious benchmark in gaming. Regarded, by many, as the best-looking game on the market, the question “Can it run Crysis?” has, and still is directed at numerous new gaming rigs. Unlike its predecessor, Crysis 2 is also appearing on PS3 and Xbox.

Users play as 'Alcatraz', a Force Recon Marine, who is unceremoniously plonked inside the famed, and redesigned, Nanosuit from the first title. It's an explosive beginning, filled with hoo-rahs, gunships and in-game cutscenes designed to give a completely immersive, cinematic experience. It truly is the "catastrophically beautiful" existence that Crytek intended to design. The incredable allure of the urban jungle of New York, filled with desolated neighbourhoods and defaced landmarks is an exciting contrast to the jungles of the original.

Thanks to the weapon customization and interchangeable nanosuit ability modules, multiplayer is a LOT of fun. Oh and we can't forget the distinct feeling that can be had with the unique maps. So if your starting to get sick of Black Ops (yeah, it can happen) or maybe you're just craving a fresh take on the multiplayer shooter scene, then Crysis will have you utterly hooked!

Verdict: Buy It!


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