Sunday, January 23, 2011


I've always wondered 'what's so special about Tetris?'

This time last year it was announced that Tetris had sold more than 100 million copies for cell phones alone since 2005. Now that is a phenomenal figure! Maybe its just me, but I could never see the attraction of a game where you have to slot bricks into a hole as they fall at a speed that constantly increases.

For me, when I start the game I am bored by the slow moving blocks and the lack of a challenge. However, as the blocks gradually speed up my competitive side takes over and my stress levels begin to rise to a level that you would not see when playing Halo or COD. How can such a simple little game have an effect like that on a person? And more importantly why would anyone want to buy a game with such a repetitive style to each of its 'levels?'

I have to admit that although it is such a revolutionary game I would not been seen dead with it on my cell phone, or anywhere else for that matter, when there is so many other things I could be doing with my free time...
Verdict: Don't Buy!


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