Thursday, January 20, 2011

Nintendo 3DS

25th to the 27th March (depending on where you live) release date FINALLY revealed but at $250 is it really worth it??

Nintendo 3DS Camera, Face Raiders, Mii Maker, StreetPass Mii Plaza, Activity Log, Nintendo 3DS Sound, AR Games, Nintendo eShop, System Transfer, Internet Browser; the features that will be pre-installed on the handheld. Sounds to me like the usual old bullshit software that you only use once before you stick in the first game. Yeah sure they have really 'cool' names like 'Face Raiders' but who wants to play a game, similar to one that you might have found on the Eye Toy for PS2, when you are on the bus or the subway?

More than likely games will be dirt cheap to make up for forking out so much on a new console... eh... highly unlikely but who's to say? Maybe a pig might fly by Nintendo HQ as they are about to confirm game prices. With the new 3rd dimension and better graphics you can guarantee that publishers will hike up the prices knowing that consumers will pay almost anything for something that cost next to nothing to make as long as it has 3D somewhere in the title.

Apparently the battery life is going to be 3-5 hours. 3-5 HOURS? FOR A HANDHELD? With all the technology out there in this modern era you would expect Nintendo to be able to at least come close to the battery life of their DS Lite. The last thing I want is to be in the middle of a game when the battery goes.

Is it just me or does the console itself look like it was designed by a 2 year old? It looks as if someone got a DS and just added a joystick. Not only that but they decided the power button would look better in plain view rather than on the side. It doesn't.

Although as I'm typing this I realise I'm completely dissing a console that isn't even out yet. Maybe it's just my recent bias against everything Nintendo since the Wii seemed to be a sell-out by aiming itself towards noobs who have no interest in gaming or maybe its just my dislike for most handhelds since I outgrew the Gameboy Color but all I know is that, while I could be talking complete and utter rubbish, the 3DS is something that I will not be looking forward to this year.

Verdict: Wait and See!


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