Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dead Space

With the highly anticipated release of Dead Space 2 next week we here at ManacalaZonk have decided to take a look back at the original

The first thing we noticed when playing the game was the revolutionary HUD system. Instead of the classic health bar, ammo count, etc., Visceral Games decided to implement the HUD into the game. The health bar can be seen on the back of our protagonist, Isaac Clarke, and when he goes to aim the ammo count can be clearly seen as a hologram emitting from the combatant's gun. Having all the traditional HUD elements built into your suit makes grisly scenes much more immersive and it is innovations like this that will play a huge part in the development of future titles on the 3D screen.

With only one true firearm, a security pulse rifle, you must repurpose pieces of mining equipment found throughout the game to create makeshift 'guns'. Isaac can then use his engineering knowledge to upgrade these modified weapons to make them more powerful. During your travels, you will find a number of areas that do not have functional gravity. In these situations, Isaac's magnetic boots will keep him grounded that allow you to perform zero-gravity jumps and attach to nearly any surface (hmm... seems to remind me of the gravity boots that play a huge part in the Ratchet and Clank series?).

With few semi-interactive cut-scenes the gameplay is very fluid, yet, over time, mission objectives start to become mundane and repetitive. However, provided you are looking for a game with the opportunity to repeatedly mutilate evil monsters in stunning graphics on a HD screen then this game is for you. Dead Space never fails to impress with its visuals. Whether you're watching the torrential rainfall of asteroids across the hull of the mining ship from the bridge atrium or witnessing an eerie corpse spin elegantly into a zero-g vacuum as it spurts blood, the haunting yet exquisitely beautiful graphics of Dead Space have a way of sticking in your mind long after you've quit playing.

Verdict: Buy It!


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